Suzy Dito

Suzy is a born and raised San Franciscan.

Her mother brought her to yoga at 14 years of age and it has been a guiding light throughout her life. With a Masters degree in Integral Health and certifications in Interactive Guided Imagery, Qi Gong, massage therapy, shamanistic rituals and meditation, she has explored an array of healers from all over the world and brings a holistic perspective to her teaching. Suzy has studied with Baron Baptiste, John Friend, Yolanda Baines and Bikram but found her teacher in Channa. In a short time, Suzy has embraced Channa’s teachings as they speak to the whole person and lead people to their true inner light.

As a Dassanayaka yoga teacher, Suzy deepens your experience by bringing all senses to your attention throughout practice and supports your journey to heal your emotional, physical and spiritual being. Also working in the non-profit sector, she brings her yoga practice to her staff through team building and awareness. She is recognized in her work for creating programs and support cancer survivors and veterans.

She looks forward to offering Workshops with Mellara through Dassanayaka USA/Uniting Awareness. Click here to discover how you can transform your being with the assistance of Suzy.