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Mellara Anzenberger

Mellara Anzenberger is a celebrated yoga teacher known for her nurturing style teaching in the lineage of Channa Dassanayaka.

She teaches from the heart, weaving both the mystical, and physical aspects of the practice.

In 1993 Mellara moved from her native Australia to Los Angeles to attend the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute to study acting. By 1997 a depleting injury led her to begin a healing focused yoga practise at the renowned Center For Yoga in Los Angeles. She immersed herself in all different classes, including Hatha, Iyengar, Viniyoga, and Ashtanga, which were hosted by some of the most well respected teachers in the world. Mellara also took teacher training under renowned yogis, Erich Schiffmann and Saul David Raye. However, she says that nothing could have prepared her for Channa, where a ‘coming home to self’ was realized.

In 2015, with almost 18 years of teaching experience, Mellara commenced studies under Channa, in both an unconventional and practical way. Mellara says that what she learned from Channa was not in a syllabus, it was simply being with him in the everyday, watching him be the Teacher, the healer, be the chef, be the human, and mostly being the being. Channa not only taught her from the seat of his soul, for one hour every day, but the most profound teachings came from witnessing his life unfolding while being with him in it. The biggest realization and understanding came to Mellara not from what postures to teach, or what music to play, but by how to truly be of service.

Today Mellara is committed to offering greater awareness of the Dassanayaka Yoga practice by opening the first Dassanayaka Yoga Center in the United States, with her beloved teacher’s blessing. She also travels with Channa and the Dassanayaka Yoga team, teaching workshops, retreats, conferences and trainings in the US and abroad.

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