Private yoga classes offer a tailored experience based on the teacher’s understanding of your needs and energetic intuition. Through fluid communication and movement, the teacher will draw your awareness to a greater understanding and clarity of the true nature of your being and how to approach your physical, emotional and spiritual deviations from this true nature.

For your first Private Yoga Class, please arrive 15 minutes early to answer a brief questionnaire.

Channa Dassanayaka Private Yoga Meditation Tuition

Northcote, Melbourne, Australia

“His wisdom, compassion, and kindness personifies grace, and in the sacred truth of the teachings. His classes are different every time, relevant for modern life, and supported by his guides. Channa has no one-way of teaching consciousness, and is not a teacher in extremes either. Channa has gifted me with the inner strength that living inside compassionate awareness can bring. Because now I whole heartily know how to witness, and it feels like I’m feeding organic energy to my soul.”
Private Classes: AUD$400/hr. Book below or Contact Us for more information.

Mellara Anzenberger Private Yoga Meditation Tuition

East Bay, San Francisco, USA

“I am so grateful for having you as my teacher, and for Channa, your teacher and now my teacher as well. You’ve taught me how to access and isolate senses (sight, sound, feel, taste), how to be in the moment only using these senses and how to just be in my body. I am beginning to experience what you may mean when you speak of the mystical space, and yesterday during class I think I may have accessed this space for perhaps the first time. Incredible.”

Contact Mellara for more information – mellara@dassanayaka.com | +1-925-298-2230.

Online Bookings – Australia Only

Bookings for Channa in Australia can be made using the form below.