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Dassanayaka-Yoga the path to living in truth

About Dassanayaka Yoga

Dassanayaka Yoga was founded in 2005 with the intent of offering a enhanced blend of yoga and meditation that pierces the mind and accesses the true nature of our being. With the venerable Channa Dassanayaka at the helm, the teachings provide a toolset that allows exploration and growth in the human experience, self healing and transformation.

Through the combination of both stretching and strengthening elementary yoga postures (asanas), breath work and guided meditations, Dassanayaka Yoga has become a power house of physical and emotional release, increased mindfulness and spiritual growth for its students.

People in all stages and all walks of life, whether beginners or yoga teachers, young or wise, are welcome to join us to begin their journey. The Dassanayaka team provide Private Tuition, Spiritual Counselling and international Retreats throughout Australia, San Francisco and Bali. We offer group classes in Northcote Melbourne Australia and small classes throughout San Francisco’s East Bay.

We invite you to Contact Us with any questions or to seek further information about our offerings.

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